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Achieving of Tzahala’s goals is based on volunteers. Tzahala volunteers take upon themselves a substantial long-term commitment and involvement. They recognize the importance of the education of the youth and they believe in their ability to instill the values of Tzahala to the young generation growing up in the State of Israel. While Tzahala volunteers gain a one of a kind experience of giving, they also benefit from comprehensive support, personal development, counseling processes as well as tight and professional coaching. Volunteering in Tzahala starts with weekly meetings, which last one hour or two, with a group of young people at the ages of 15~18. Over time, after forming the group and establishing the weekly meetings routine, the need to increase the frequency or duration of the meetings often arises; it usually depends on the discretion of the volunteer and his/her availability. It is possible to have a joint team of 2~3 volunteers in one group. Tzahala accompanies youngsters from 9th-10th grade through their drafting by the IDF. The Tzahala volunteers have full independence, authority and responsibility in managing their teams and in choosing the various activities' content, combined hand in hand with a meticulous, pedagogical tutoring.

חלוקת מזון מתנדבי צהלה
?Who are our Candidates

            Who's a leader

  • Possess educational orientation

  • Has the desire to make a significant social difference and impact youth education

  • Has the personality and background required to serve as a role model for youth

  • Young in spirit to be able to connect to 21st century teenagers

  • Determined to face an exceptional educational challenge

  • Independent, creative and idealistic in soul

  • Involved and knowledgeable in the Israeli society and its challenges

  • Experienced in working with youth is a plus

  • Committed to volunteering for 3-4 years with the group

  • Previous volunteering experience and long term commitment for several years

  • No criminal record (according to the instructions of The Ministry of Education)