Recognition by public figures for Tzahala:

"Thanks to your zionistic actions, many youngsters, who would not have otherwise joined the military service, enlisted in the army and volunteered for the commando units, so that they can integrate and contribute to society and to the State of Israel." Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2013.

"Personally I see a blessed project with great importance". Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi,  Commander in Chief, IDF, 2011.

"The data, images and statements by students and alumni are best reflected by the magnitude and meaningfulness of the project for boys and girls participating in it..."  Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, Commander in Chief,  IDF, 2014.

"It's heartwarming to see the scope of volunteering and the desire to invest in the young generation, which is our future." Ido Nehoshtan, IDF Air Force Commander, 2011.

"I honor and appreciate the blessed work in recruiting volunteers for the benefit of the Israeli society", Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar, 2010.

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