Founder of Tzahala:
Brigadier General (Res.) Ran Pecker ZL
Brigadier General (Res.) Ran Pecker's blessing for the new year, Rosh HaShana, 2016
Brigadier General (Res.) Ran Pecker 1936-2016
  • Highly decorated Israeli Air Force pilot

  • Achieved 350 + operational missions and downed 7 enemy aircraft 

  • Tel Nof base commander during the Yom Kippur war

  • Israel Consul in Los Angeles 1989-1992

  • Founder of Tzahala in 1993

We, Tzahala's Volunteers, Board Members and Management, are committed to continuing in the footsteps and fullfilling the vision of Tzahala's founder, our dear friend, the late Ran Packer.

We're here for the Israeli Youth!

ברכת שנה טובה רן פקר