Board of Directors

Brigadier General (Res.) Yossi Adiri - Chairman

Project manager at a leading security firm in Israel. Brigadier General in the reserves, in the central command region. Has a master degree in economics and business administration.

Volunteers in Tzahala since 2008.

Tili Collen - Manager, Central District B

 Lt.-Col. (Res.) in the Israeli Air Force. Former VP of Human Resources at the city of Ra'anana. Social entrepreneur and volunteers in numerous organizations ("the House of Benjy", "Nehama", and, of course, Tzahala). Tili gives lectures and consults to managers and employees in private and public organizations. Bachelor's degree in political science and sociology, and M.A. in public administration.

Volunteers in Tzahala since 2012.

Tsur Yahav - Director of IT, Finance Committee Member

CEO and owner of an integration company, an entrepreneur in the field of cyber security.  Volunteers in Tzahala since 2008.


Gila Simcha Daniel

Creator and leader of leadership and reinforcement workshops. Personal trainer, emotional care giver. B.A. in Logistics, MBA, and Certified for Informal Studies Management. Veteran of the IDF as a Manager of Information Systems and Project Manager.

Volunteer in Tzahala since 2008.

Shmu’el Erez - Manager, Central District A, Finance Committee Member

Finance Committee member. Director and owner of a consulting firm in the field of organizational computing and cyber security for over 20 years. Many years of working in the Defense Ministry in various senior management positions. 

Volunteers in Tzahala since 2000.

Attorney Hagai Ben-Shoshan - Tzhala's Legal Counsel

Expert in consulting and legal assistance; Law degree,  Summa Cum Laude (LL. M.), Bachelor of Law (LL. B) and Bachelor of Business Administration (B.A.), (Finance). Focuses on the  economic aspects of law (civil, administrative and criminal law). Council Member at the local Council of Kadima-Zoran. Serves as General Counsel to Tzhala voluntarily. 

Volunteers in Tzahala since 2012.


Yaron Badnani – Finance Manager

Real estate entrepreneur, owner and partner in 2 companies dealing with Tama 38. An experienced manager in senior finance, operations and HR positions.B.A. in Economics and M.Sc. in Finance. Military service as an officer in the combatting engineering corps and in an elite unit in the infantry.

Volunteers in Tzahala since 2017.

Sha’ul Dolev - Manager, Tzahala’s Southern District

Retired from the IDF with a rank of Lieutenant Colonel, completed his service as a combat soldier and as an officer in the intelligence corps. For 12 years Sha’ul worked in Klal insurance as a business development manager; in recent years he has been a freelancer and a tour guide to overseas destinations.

Volunteers in Tzahala since 2015.