Tzahala acts amongst youngsters throughout the State of Israel in order to empower them and to provide them with values and practical tools to become upstanding citizens. This activity also creates equal opportunities for every boy and girl, which helps reduce social-economic differences and contributes to the strength of the State of Israel

For The Israeli Youth

Tzahala's Volunteers

Tzahala's volunteers take upon themselves a substantial and long-term commitment, recognizing the importance of Tzahala’s objectives and out of faith in their ability to instill Tzahala’s values to the young generation growing up in the State of Israel

Geographical Coverage

Tzhala operates in dozens of communities from Maalot in the North to Eilat in the South of Israel. These activities take place in schools, youth clubs, boarding schools, public shelters as well as outdoors and various sites throughout the country

Tzahala's Vision


The future and the strength of Israel is in its youth. Every girl and boy has the ability and the right to self-fulfillment and to make a difference. We, the citizens of the State of Israel, are responsible for helping the youth realize their abilities and desires. Tzahala connects volunteers who are willing to take the national mission of educating the youth upon themselves with youngsters who are willing to join them and proceed together with them in this long journey of mutual commitment and personal empowerment

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For The Israeli Youth

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